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Journeedia | February 16, 2019

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The 10 Best Places to visit in South America

The 10 Best Places to visit in South America

So we made a list of our favourite places in South America – highly subjective and by no means close to giving you a complete picture of this fascinating continent. But we’ve only spent 2 months there and we think we picked 10 great spots to show you.

10. Valparaiso, Chile


“As you drive into the city you are already overwhelmed by the many colorful houses that are spread out on the high hills. You could wander the streets for hours discovering some kind of street art around every corner – graffiti, paintings and installations. Luckily, there are elevators – the Ascensores – that bring you from A to B when you are too tired to go uphill anymore. Fascinating is also the Pablo Neruda museum „La Sebastiana“ because due to the attention to detail you instantly feel like the poet has only gone for a little while.”


9. Ipanema, Brazil


“Though many tourists might prefer to visit famous Copacabana, Ipanema and its sand beach have a more natural touch where locals just gather in the evening to play football. Also the view from the beach on the Sugar Loaf Mountain is quite spectacular.”


8. Christo Redentor, Brazil


“It is such an amazing feeling when you drive up the mountain Corcovado by cable car and then walk the last few steps up to the 100 ft. high statue which overlooks the entire city of Rio de Janeiro. It is just one of those sights that you have seen a million times before on pictures and TV – but standing right in front of it is quite another matter.”


7. La Boca, Argentina


“Colors wherever you look – Houses, terraces and balconies are all beautifully painted in this borough of Buenos Aires. Everyone seems relaxed and happy, and you have to watch out – the people in La Boca don’t flinch from asking to dance a tango with them.”


6. Lake Titicaca, Bolivia / Peru


“The way of the cross on to the Cerro Calvario might be short, but don’t be fooled. At 13.000 feet above sea level everything gets really exhausting really quick. Nevertheless, when you reach the top you are instantly rewarded with an amazing view of Lake Titicaca. Make sure to also take a tour to the floating reed islands which are home to the Urus and learn about these incredible and interesting people and their way of living.”


5. Witches’ Market, Bolivia


“There is nothing like it and you will definitely not have the time to stop everywhere. This market in La Paz has really everything the typical tourist looks for – and quite a few things you were certainly not looking for. You can find beautiful stone figures, Alpaca socks and sweaters, and leather bags right along with some stuffed toads and dried llamas.”


4. Iguazú Falls, Brazil / Argentina


“Don’t be afraid to get wet. From the Brazilian side you can get a good overview of how massive these waterfalls are but on the Argentinian side you can actually run right up to them and try to get your picture taken while getting completely soaked. Are we allowed to quote Mrs. Roosevelt here or is this too cliché? Anyway, ‘Poor Niagara!'”


3. Mendoza, Argentina


“It gets quite hard to ride the biycyle when you cycle from one bodega to the next, stopping at every other vineyard and family business to taste wines, liqueurs, and spirits. But it is also worthwhile.”


2. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia


“There are certainly not many places as diverse in its landscape as this part of Bolivia. You’ll be driving in a 4×4 vehicle for the better part of the 3 day tour. Flamingos bathing in a blood red lake, a perfectly flat and dried out salt lake that messes with your sense of perspective, and a tree out of stone are only some of the highlights along the way. And don’t forget: You may be in a desert, but it also gets freezing cold at night – bring some warm clothes with you.”


1. Machu Picchu, Peru


“Only one word – breathtaking. Again it is one of those places you have “seen” before, so there shouldn’t be any surprises when you are at the site for the first time. But truly looking at it with the first rays of sunshine coming up…that is when the postcard picture becomes real. Don’t make the antique city of Cusco just a quick stopover on your way to the old Incan ruins – it is actually a lovely – albeit quite a bit touristy – town with its cobblestone streets, small cafes and restaurants.”


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