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Journeedia | February 16, 2019

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Of our journey to Tanzania in September 2015

Of our journey to Tanzania in September 2015

In September 2015 we will travel to Tanzania. Our journey will begin with the hopefully successful ascent of Africa’s highest mountain – the Kilimanjaro. We will also go on a safari trip and visit some of this country’s undiscovered places.


“I have always wanted to do this.“

“Really? Me, too.”



“Why not?“

This is how it always starts.

6 months with the backpack through the world.

6 weeks through Northern Spain by foot.

And this time 7 days, 39 miles and 19.340 feet up to Africa’s highest peak.

The idea to climb Kilimanjaro first occurred during a different trip (and this is how it always begins as well) – more precise, during the last miles on the St. James’ Way. Though the journey was soon finished, the idea stayed. Over the past weeks, one thing has led to another.

At the outdoor fair in Trier at the end of April we found the first and surely best partner for our “Project Tanzania” – the German speaking tour operator Afromaxx. Afromaxx is first and foremost Madeleine Schröder. Since 2004 Madeleine, a native of Thüringen, has lived in Tanzania. Located at the foot of Kilimanjaro, she organizes trips to the country’s main destinations with her team – to Zanzibar, into the many national parks and also to the top of the famous mountain. “Afromaxx means to experience Africa ‘maxximally’”, she explains with pride.

To guarantee this ‘maxximal’ experience, Afromaxx places importance on the personal care of the guests, Madeleine says. Tours are arranged individually, intense conversations before and after the trip help prepare for the adventure of Tanzania and make sure that everyone will travel back home with memories of an unforgettable holiday. “Sometimes things still go wrong but we always have the goal to improve ourselves. We take this very seriously and I think that we are pretty unique in how we do things”, Madeleine explains.

Before the tour with Afromaxx starts in September, a range of articles on our blog will await you. In these we will try to clarify which questions are important for this trip: What do you have to pay attention to when entering Tanzania? Which preparations have to be made? What is the right equipment and what should not be missing on any packing list?

We will talk to experts from the various fields beforehand:

In a series of interviews, Madeleine reports about her life and 11 years of experience as a German tour operator in Tanzania.

Markus Göbel explains everything about proper training for the stay in high altitudes. The graduate sports scientist and specialist in the field of high altitude physiology will send us a high altitude training system to use for the last few weeks prior to our journey. This is supposed to help us grow accustomed to the thin air high on the mountain.

Matthias John, two-time European champion in track cycling, sports scientist and personal coach, has already contrived a training plan and will put us to the test in Berlin at the end of June (stair runnings with an oxygen reduction mask is one of many things on the agenda). He will also provide us with important tips concerning endurance, prevention of injuries and muscle regeneration.

We don’t want to sell short what else Tanzania has to offer, however. A safari lasting several days is already scheduled. Madeleine will also take us on a tour around Moshi, the border town at the southern slope of the massif, and to some ‘undiscovered’ places in the country – off the beaten track from the usual tourist attractions. We wait in suspense!

Stay tuned!

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