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Journeedia | February 16, 2019

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What to expect…

What to expect…

Only three months and we will be travelling to Tanzania – to climb Kilimanjaro, to go on a safari, to explore Moshi and the area. There are still a lot of things we have to prepare for: what do you have to pay attention to when entering to the country? How do you physically prepare for such a hike? What is the right equipment and what shouldn’t be missing on your packing list? In the following months we will talk to experts from various fields, test equipment and try to get accustomed to the altitude. Take a look at the upcoming articles and follow along with our preparations for the journey to Tanzania.

1. Madeleine Schröder, Afromaxx and the faszination of Tanzania


Madeleine Schröder has lived in Tanzania for over eleven years now and knows what tourists have to expect when travelling to the country. It is not only a very fascinating place but also much different from what you know.

2. The physical training preparations with Matthias John

Personal Training

Two-time Europe champion in track cycling and personal trainer Matthias John has already contrived a training plan and will put us to the test in Berlin.

3. The right equipment and packing list


Climbing Kilimanjaro is only possible with the right equipment. Even if it is sunny during the day it can get -4 degrees Fahrenheit at nights.

4. Madeleine Schröder and the ascent of the Kilimanjaro


Founder of Afromaxx, Madeleine Schröder, has climbed the Kilimanjaro several already and knows what to expect. Nevertheless, even her ascents were all very different.

5. The first field test – the mountain hike


If we want to hike up to the peak of Kilimanjaro we should definitely get some field experience first. We will both go on a hike, test our equipment and see if all the physical preparations have worked out.

6. Madeleine Schröder and the safari tours


A safari tour is always an adventure. Afromaxx individually arranges trips for tourists to guarantee the best possible experience. If you want to stay in a comfortable lodge or camp right out in the bush – Afromaxx offers various safari types.

7. High altitude training with Markus Göbel


The graduate sports scientist and specialist in the field of high altitude physiology, Markus Göbel, will send us a high altitude training system to use for the last few weeks prior to our journey.


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