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Journeedia | February 16, 2019

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About Us

Larissa Peifer and Eliana Gramer studied Media Studies as their major at the University of Trier from 2007 till 2012. During this time they also successfully completed the certificate of “International Journalism” at the Hamline University in Minnesota, USA. Since completing their degrees both have been working as freelance journalists and in the fields of online marketing and PR, especially in Germany and Luxembourg.


And after a six months’ world trip Larissa and Eliana founded the travel blog Journeedia. On their travels they realized destinations are always characterized by the people who live there. And so Journeedia not only gives a deeper understanding of the places and sights but above all introduces those people who give a unique meaning to the places.


What stories accompany the everyday life of a Yeoman Warder of London’s famous Tower? What involves running one of the scariest attractions in Britain’s capitol? Or a brewery in Belgium’s Bruges? Or finding one’s way through Berlin’s modern city chaos with those old Trabants?

Discover the sights and attractions of exciting holiday destinations with Journeedia from the perspective of the people. Journeedia is more than a mere travel report, it is an interview with a city.