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Journeedia | February 16, 2019

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A city not only lives from its attractions and sights but most of all from the people who make those places worth seeing. Journeedia gives exactly those people a voice. We will look behind the places, attractions and sights of cities and areas you all love to visit and will let those people talk who are normally in the background managing, organizing and creating but who are so important and not less worth.

Journeedia tells the story of a Yeoman Warder in London who is always taken pictures with by tourists or asked questions but who you actually don’t know where he is coming from and why he decided to do his job. We will go on a horse carriage tour with Peter De Mulder, a coachman, who has been working in Bruges for 34 years now showing tourists and locals the beautiful sights of this old city with its cobblestreets and canals. And Journeedia also asks who is the artist behind all the graffitis sprayed on remnants of Berlin Wall or who are those crazy people sailing in blokarts on the beaches in Ostend on such coldy and windy days.

Come and explore those places and sights with Journeedia and take a look beyond!